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We envisage IKON School and College of Nursing to be a diversified academic community of faculty and students where Diploma,  Graduate and Post Graduate Nursing students work collaboratively to become a full pledged  nursing professional for various levels of nursing practices. The Institution is well known for its excellent educational programs, innovative practical arrangements, and services to the community. We aspire to be the college of Excellency for professional Nursing career at the state and national level.

The college is committed to promote high quality and academic programs, to involve persons, in a process of self-directed, lifelong learning which will free them to think clearly and creatively, to discover and to challenge or affirm cultural and aesthetic values, to respond reverently and sensitively to all, and to render competent and compassionate service in personal and professional life. Specifically, our unique mission is to facilitate the development of professional nurses who will promote society's health at the local, regional, national, and international levels.
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