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Continuing Education
Seminars, Workshops, Personality Development Programmes, Participation in Annual Conferences SNA Programme, NSS Programmes & CNE programs by the students provide them with wide exposure and experience. 

Computer training, English speaking course and personality development programmes are conducted in the campus so as to gear students to work efficiently in their respective fields.

Every Saturday there will brain storming CNE conducted by faculty of Ikon on emerging and current issues.

Culturals &  Sports
Annual Sports and Cultural extravaganza unveils the nurturing talents among the students of the Ikon school& Nursing College . The Institute takes its pride in participating KANAKOTSAVA state level cultural Festival for the people of Karnataka  state. The Students are encouraged to participate in state level intercollegiate and Regional Scientific, Cultural festivals and Sports meet.

Festivals Celebrated at IKON
The colleges motivates the students to celebrate various festivals including national festivals like Independence day, Republic day and professional festivals like Lamp lighting  day and teachers day. The College values the various interests of the students in celebrating regional festivals like Christmas, Onam, Deepavali  Dussehra and Holi. 

The joyest festival at Ikon is the Graduation day where the Ikon family feel proud to see the professional nurses stepping into the world of serve the mankind.



Graduation Day

Graduation Day

Independence Day

Independence Day

Lamp Lighting Day




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